William Goodheart Jr.The Goodheart Event was created through a gift from Peggy and the late G. William Madden of Decatur in memory of Mrs. Madden’s father, the late William R. Goodheart Jr., who founded the Music Corporation of America (MCA) in the 1920s. 

The gift provides endowment for the William R. Goodheart Fund. The Fund’s income is used biennially for a William R. Goodheart Annual Entertainment Event held at Kirkland Fine Arts Center.

Each Goodheart Event features a live concert or performance and is free to Millikin students and staff.

Goodheart Event Performers:
2015 - Gabriel Iglesias
2013 - Seth Meyers
2011 - Jay Leno
2009 - Mo’Nique
2007 - Wayne Brady
2005 - David Spade
2003 - STOMP
2002 - Bill Cosby
2000 - Tap Dogs
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